Moonwise calendars

"A calendar to help keep you in touch with the natural cycles in the sky, the earth and yourself"

I have been a fan of these since before I was so kindly gifted one by a friend in 2020. It always seemed quite interesting and informative and as an atheist that felt spiritual at the time it was definitely intriguing. With it's beautiful illustrations by Jane Bottomly and daily information on planetary alignment, sun signs along with daily seed planing routines it tickled my fancy. At the time it seemed informational now it is more of a blessing in no disguise.
Having one of these hanging round the house would benefit us as individuals and communities. You see the coming together of all communities and nature (the elements).

If you feel a need to explore more or like-myself, like to delve into the vast array of religions and ways of living that could help improve us, help move us into more of an understanding of life and why we're here, create less drama and find peace in a Devine knowing in all that has been left for us see, then next year order one before they're sold out, it happens and very quickly. Try to follow or incorporate - the ideal daily sowing of seed ritual or maybe - the fasting of ekadashi twice a month. These I'm sure will bring you to a place of connection with the inner self as nature is always honest and fasting connects with the senses that may be numb to what life would like us to see hear and feel.

Click one the image above to be redirected to their site. Where you'll find a daily live calendar, wall calendars and diaries plus lots of astrological information.

Enjoy and thanks for being here!

Starting over

The year of 7, January 2023, the end of the first month is peeking over the top of the hill. What a life time what a couple of years

I started my blogging journey in 2021, I've written and rewritten posts of interest, posts to inspire feeling and to encourage healing

With a reshuffle of my site what better time to realign, to let go of a few things and see if and how they may come back around
Set a few goals, set the wheels in motion, sprinkle a little potion into my own ocean of motion, manifesting the things in life that align with my new version

I always thought of myself as one was one for change and understood that it was inevitable, so I'd rearrange the living room maybe shop somewhere different, decorate, upgrade my wardrobe with a few extra items

However the changes I've experienced these past few years are on another level. My expectations for myself, for the world and beyond seem to have risen from a frozen state to a steaming hot pot of boiling. I want to run and jump all my way to the end, which has been my problem from the beginning and now as I look back I've missed out on a whole life time of life of 3D material things I could have really explored gone deep with, adventured, made so much more of a life that I could speak confidently about and added to all of this wholly and fully heartedly

Instead I lived as a sheep following feelings that I didn't understand
Ive had a lot to peel back a lot to unravel a lot to work through heal and put right
So this is it, my journey, my time I must make my own way following a very few that I believe are by my side every step of the way with good intent

So I am paving the way for myself, I am laying it out strait, this year is the year I release my album, I release my books, I recite my poetry, I fix my body there will be no more aches and pains. My brand, my umbrella my contribution to society will be of positive, energetic path that vi was always meant to lead

Thank God Thank life Thank Love


Empowering the mind to empower my body, allowing the soul to shine

Step into a new light and want others to feel the love that resides inside

No longer heavy is the head, no longer floating blindly towards a meaningless death

I have found meaning amongst the madness of what had imbedded itself within my cells, into my chest

Empowerment how do you even know what it is, really?
We judge what we don't understand, we see ego, we see pride.
We react with oooh no that's not my type...
The way we have used and abused our minimal powers up to now, slowly killing our own kind and the life around us that keeps us alive that is of a really stupid way to move forward in this life
We are only just surviving when we should be thriving

Empowerment to me is a whole new everything and starts with self belief, which I lacked up until 2020

Empowerment is understanding

Empowerment is standing by and listening loudly

Empowerment is strength of the body and mind being used for super kind things

Empowerment of your own life helps others shine brightly

Thanks to this and that, that may make so many frown, I am able to learn, to grow, to strength myself in the knowing that I will alway be loved no matter how many times I fall down

Empowering the self can be hard sometimes, So surround yourself with higher level intelligence that will show you the way around

Black History

More than what you’ve been told it is
Roots of stamina hold us here
Connected to everything you see with a fine piece of silver string
Leading to hearts of gold that’ll never dim, here or out of it
Our true history hidden
We are going in and allowing the truth to be free
If only the youth of today know their truth, they wouldn’t be walking around with weaponry

Positive mindsets and guidance from the earliest of ages, set in the direction of progress, love and grace
Pre-programmed until we of the past drag the future children down with us and our stinky histories full of baggage

These fine speciemines of well-built material after years of pressure their skin brighter than anything else, nothing can measure
As we heal from a past of neglect, heartbreak and pain you see us stepping into our own presence, our future, creativity, ownership of all we have to say, do and feel

No more creeping we’ll be stepping our big arse feet all in, to where they should have been from the beginning, where we had them on black wall street before the beatings and the blaze, where do those bodies lay?

You can’t quite put your finger on what it is, can you? why do you fear me, where your jealousy stems, but it’s deep?

Our capabilities, oh it’s a shame they’ve been suppressed until now it really is, let us now make the most of it

Stepping out of our old habits and beliefs we’ve had placed on us for years and years, and more into the future of deserved bliss joy and happiness we deserve nothing less

How did it come to this?

Black history is no longer a mystery, it is the future bringing light to the ancestral ways that will lead us to better days

Eat weeds, please

As a wee one, I was told that dandelions would make you pee. I remember running from them as a child, like they carried the lergy.

Like many others, greens that popped up out of the ground without permission were a hindrance that needed whipping up and out as quickly as possible and by any means Oh, how a few years can change an opinion, beliefs, me, nature has returned with the information we need. I’m now a keeper, a protector of all that vibrates these natural frequencies The soil, the land, the trees, the weeds, the flowers, the birds, the bees, the animals, and man in their natural loving state are all a blessing that have been neglected, trampled on, and denied their rightful place at the head of time These times of gadgets, of gismos, of drugs misused and misunderstood, a multitude of mental and physical health problems and big pharma stocking up the billions at the expense of everything
It’s all so unbalanced, so lacking care and thought for our true well-being. My conscience has always been there… I think, I spent 20-plus years running away from it… yep… yep I did. I had a health-conscious mother who would attempt to guide me and my brother in her own way. With all of the things, opinions and peer pressures that life throws at you as a teen, naturality takes a back seat, and in some people’s lives, it is nowhere to be seen. Now I’ve realized how much this side of life means and, how important it is for our general well-being keeping us grounded, keeping us in tune with reality, it certainly has added a few positive layers to me and contributes to keeping me peaceful, and free. I’ve met some absolutely beautiful people over the past few years that have re-opened my eyes to the benefits of working with the land, of growing, eating fresh well and wild, and freely and willingly share the importance of living as a conscious communities equalling a conscious planet I’m now growing my own, learning about agriculture, permaculture, vermiculture, and every type of culture as diversity is the key. The connection of the self the external, and internal influence we have on absolutely everything around us is tremendous. We all have our part to play in this time-space reality, in this play that is today, what effort will you make? As I continue to practice yoga and to get back to my dharma (cosmic law order) in order to allow me to live in Mukti, in fullness, in full honesty and flow of all things lovely. I realize the importance of connecting daily to the breath, the land, the body, less on the heavy material and more on the subtle lighter of life. Weeds, ivy, trees, flowers, herbs, and spices are some of the most healing, nutritional foods on the planet and have been taken advantage of by big corporations and ignored by most everyday men. It’s such a shame we’ve now got to undo all of this damage, we’ve allowed greed and fast pace convenience to overtake natures simply sweet ways Where should we start, where should we focus our energies, I think we should start with weeds!! They are abundant, the soil is throwing them at us. They are super-rich in vitamins and minerals and have some of the most cleansing actions on the body and energies, they can be used in a multitude of ways. Have you heard of dandelion honey? yep it’s a thing. People out there are investing their time into bringing these amazing foods to the forefront of human consciousness, are taking back the power and experimenting themselves with these medicines we’ve been told in the past to ditch, to avoid while others fill their pockets with dollar bills by selling products made from these magical miniatures. My top three weeds
Nettle The most beneficial, all-rounder. It’s unbelievable the constituents, the actions, and the uses of this gentle stinger Rich in chlorophyll Vitamin C, Iron, calcium, silica, serotonin Nettle acts as a blood tonic, antiseptic, circulatory stimulant, can increase the flow of breast milk, strengthens the natural immune system, remineralizes, eliminates uric acid from the body, and is a mild diuretic Uses – anemia, stimulate kidneys, fever, malaria, skin disease, diabetes, first degree burns, feeble digestion due to HCL bleeding of stomach bowel, and womb, and it’s great as a hair rinse. To be honest, the list goes on and I think if we are more conscious from the beginning or from now… I mean these things are free, go and grab some and make some flippin tea! So yeah if we become conscious and consume these greens regularly and make them staples these diseases won’t be a part of our lives any longer doesn’t that sound great!….. so how do we get people out of Maccy ds and foraging, please tell me?
Dandelion Rich in vitamin A, B, and C and nutrient minerals. Carotenoids – (act as antioxidants in the human body. They have strong cancer-fighting properties, according to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Some carotenoids are converted by the body to vitamin A, which is essential to vision and normal growth and development. Carotenoids also have anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits and are sometimes associated with cardiovascular disease prevention. sesquiterpene lactones – have a read of this -> Actions – Powerful diuretic (reducing the amount of water in the body), anti eczema, detoxicant, pancreatic and bile duct stimulant Uses – liver disorders, inflamed gallbladder, gallstones, jaundice, lack of appetite, sweating of the anal cleft, congestive heart failure, muscular rheumatism, hypoglycemia, anorexia, warts…. and you can use all parts of the leaf, flower, and roots of this bad boy. How can we ignore such amazingness sitting right outside our back door?
Plantain (the most versatile of herbal medicines) Potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Beneficial for all body tissues. Flavonoids, tannins (early research suggests that certain tea tannins possess characteristics similar to those of other polyphenols, helping prevent disease by providing antioxidant and antimicrobial benefits (3Trusted Source). Actions – Antihistamine, anti-bacterial, expectorant (clearing, coughs, mucus), antacid (tea). External emollient Uses – chronic blood disorders, neuralgic pain of the first order, kidney and bladder disorder, IBS, bleeding piles, excess menstrual loss, hyperacidity, bronchitis, bruises, thrush (tea as a douche) bleeding gums, toothache, animal and insect bites along with so much more As you can see these are all so full of life-saving properties to these weeds and this is just the tip of the iceberg, there’s a lot out there and I’m excited to learn soak it all in and share as we all be=come more of a conscious community Above is a foraged pesto containing - wild garlic, nettle, cow parsley leaves with lots of scrumptious walnuts and olive oil, lime, and Himalayan salt. Below is a site for your eyes, with amazing information, podcasts, foraging info and so much more. So much appreciation for these amazing people reminding us of the universal potential. A Wild Food Foraging Guide to the Edible and Medicinal Wild Plants of Britain and Ireland Thank you for reading, I hope it means something, strikes a chord and wakens you to the real powers that be, nature and her weeds 🙂

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Beyond any information

Beyond what he sees or she thinks

Let the truth unfold for our future generations please

Underneath layers of mould and compressions are the add ons from past experiences that once where relevant and meant something

We are now here, in this....

Now we need newness. The children the youth could bring clarity, if you could just stop clouding their minds with all of this vanity

Allow them to breath, to bring with them new ways, peace, light and energy

We the elders let go and live, bringing a sense of heaven many may have missed

We are in a BIG pickle so please step aside and allow life to live.


Working the inside things out !